A Guide to Her Vagina

A woman’s vagina is the most intricate part of the female anatomy, giving none a perfect view while remaining hidden between the crotches. This low profile intimate part remaining unnoticed from the spotlights as compared to other parts of the female physical make up is bestowed with pretty awesome feats- such as offering you and your partner a sensationalized sexual bliss, and making an exit route for your future baby someday. Being a low maintenance intimate and private part, yet not so private for the guys, there are still so many things about the design of this organ from her labia to her vulva, you need to know about.

For most guys, it is like revisiting the old school classes of their lives as they assume they know 100% about the women’s vagina. But, you should note that you do not have enough insights into it, which can trigger lust to make the best out of it during sex. There is another catch to it while exploring her vagina. It urges your partner to become more intimate with you on a shorter interval of days. While it gives you a highly satisfied sexual bliss, it encourages you to go at it twice a week to reap benefits of sexual intimacy.

It has some well-grounded validation from science too. Many studies have proven the efficacy of sex too, which stated that men who indulge in sex at least twice a week are likely to improve their cardiovascular health and also lower probabilities of heart risk. In addition to this, sex helps secrete endorphins, known to be stress busters helping you achieve a good sleep. In order to have a great foreplay with your partner and enjoy the intimate time, you indeed need a good lesson about her vagina. Know them to master the skills of great sex mechanisms.
It Is Vulva, But You Call It Vagina
If you get it technically, the vagina means the muscular, elastic cavity leading to the cervix and uterus. This is the canal, where you can insert your finger or penis during sex. This is the same space, from where the baby comes out.

However, this is something about which most men seem to think otherwise, and assume it as a vagina, which generally is located on the outer part of the female genitalia. The key function of the valve is to get rid of harmful bacteria and ease your performance to enjoy the sex through clit stimulation. To be more specific about the valve, it is the external part when you look down there. The vulva is the major female genitalia constituting of the vagina, pubic mound, the outer folds of the vulva called the labia majora and also inner folds of the vulva known as labia minora. This part is built with sensitive blood vessels and therefore, they are very sensitive. On being touched, this area becomes too much stiffer. There are organs like the pee cavity or the opening of the urethra and how you can forget the most important part of sex- the clitoris.

Vagina Becomes Erect Too Like Penis
Alike men’s penis being engorged with the blood after being aroused, woman’s clitoris can become erect too. The blood flows to the round nub between the two inner lips meet called the clitoris, and causes this place to swell once women are turned on.
Vaginal cavity can produce oil and sweat during foreplay to provide protection against frictions and overheating. The interior of the vagina also remains moisturized to keep other delicate tissues healthy. The bartholin’s glands in the vaginal wall on both sides secrete mucus to ease penetration. However, this function does not work while using the missionary sex position, and make the sex experience bitter.
The clitoral hood which can retract back may not respond to touch and defies the sensitive touch by hiding underneath the head.

The Clitoris – Powerhouse of Pleasure
The clitoris is designed to fulfill one purpose of women only – to make them feel excited and good. As many as 8,000 nerve-endings, this is the only organ in the women’s body to offer true pleasure.

Don’t assume the clitoris are made of nub only. It is made of a body and two legs, extending backward to connect with the cervix. This part is very sensitive. Hence it is worth trying different sex position to excite all the clitoral tissues while getting busy with foreplay and finally intercourse.

Don’t Judge Women’s Excitement by Their Vaginal Lubrication
Women can lubricate naturally. However, there are many times in women’s life, which hinders them from lubricating, especially after the menstruation. This time around, girls cannot lubricate enough. Sometimes, hormonal changes or use of other drugs like antihistamines makes the lubrication process tough.

Lack of vaginal lubrication, most men mistake that their women are not aroused. There are many reasons as some women take a longer time to get aroused or get lubricated if they are in a relationship for a longer time. It is likely that hormones and chemicals do not produce as earlier. So, men need to pay much attention to foreplay to make them lubricated.

Vaginal Intercourse Does Not Arouse Orgasm
It is often mistakenly assumed that women can get orgasm by the penetration of the penis alone during intercourse. However, it is not the case always. A study in 2009 reported that about 75% of women cannot achieve orgasm through intercourse, and they definitely need some external stimulation for foreplay or digital objects to help them to orgasm. So, begin with gentle strokes on her labia, and then explore the entire clitoris to the ultimate pleasure.  

Get To The G-Spot
G-spot situated right behind the urethra is known to be the most sensitive area, which fosters orgasm when one is sexually aroused. The makeup of female G-spot is quite intriguing, and chances are you cannot even find it. Do not fret too much over it, there are other sensitive zones in the female genitalia, go explore them and get the maximum benefits of pleasure.