9 Ways to Guarantee All-Night Sex

All night sex….?? We dream about it, hope for it, try it, but fails miserably. But what if you can really last all night long? If you want to spend beautiful and memorable nights with your lady love, then you must find out several ways to get engaged in steamy sex sessions for hours. If you are not able to figure out, here we are helping out to get you there and beyond the expectations of your lady counterpart. This write-up is a total package of all the tips and philosophies of sex that we have been practicing and preaching from that last few decades.
Here is the breakdown of the basics of an all-night love session and how you can get going on and on until morning.

Be ready for the love nest
Preparing yourself mentally for having an all-night sex session is the first and foremost step of your sexual act. All you need is to start preparing your mind to get ready for the hot and steamy sex session with your girlfriend. Along with preparing your mind, you also need to talk to your lady love for having a long sex session that lasts until morning. When both of you become mentally prepare, then there will be no one to make you apart until the dawn.

Light up the Mood
When it comes to getting someone in the mood, no one wants to hang out with the dirty pile of laundry. Did you know that the sexually arouse person has a better sense of smell than the ordinary person? You can use mood enhancers, can use candles to light up the feel and can get rid of your dirty clothes. Make the room clean and play some music to get the sense of being loved by your lady. The bottom line is to get your partner ready and in the mood for building up the teamwork for all night sex.

Plan with your partner
Let it be real and natural. For the all-night sex, all you need is to discuss with your partner if she is tired or has to get up early in the next morning? All you need is to plan the all-night love session without disturbing the personal life of your lady love. So, if you are planning a love session which will leave you awake at 2.30, then, your lady might miss her important morning meetings. All you need is to plan in advance as per your lady love’s schedule.

Eat healthily
Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can be the best way to load your body full of hormones. As we know, our body is made up of 90% water and your love fluids are also liquids. So, all you need to get the full of your sex is to get tons of liquids from real fruit juices and vegetables. Not the tap water, not the mineral water, but the natural liquids from the real fruit and vegetable juices can provide you nutritious value and boost up your stamina to get the perfect love session all night long. On the other note, vegetables cannot only cleanse your system but they also improve your sperm count and quality of sperm. In short, men who are vegetarian are reported to have cum that taste sweet or fruit like.

Groom yourself
Taking a shower before making a love session is the most energetic way to start. You can even moisturize your skin with natural and non-nasty tasting oil or lotion. Shave your pubic area to avoid any kind of hazards during the blowjob. So, groom well in order to impress your lady love and also to tempt her to get loved by the most handsome man on earth.

Stretching your love zones
We did mention this is for all night lovemaking. This won’t happen if your muscles tighten up in mind stroke during your second lovemaking session. Try to stretch your love zones which allow you to find new positions and to improve on the one you already used. Besides, it even helps you to last longer and also help men to avoid premature ejaculation.

Don’t panic    
If you are having problems with longer sex, then forget pills, you can trust natural remedies. As per Dr. Keith Hopcroft, try to keep cool attitude about the situation. It generally improves with time. Try to control performance anxiety which makes the all-night sex worse. All you need is to try wearing a thick condom which can delay the ejaculation and can extend the love session for a couple of hours.

Get Turned On
Get the most mesmerizing foreplay just like professionals. To get the most out of sex and keep on going, all you need is to be seriously turned on to your lady. Give her a long massage or a passionate kiss or do oil wrestling, stripped her and hide nude under the blanket, go crazy like never before. Act like you are 16 again and you are getting away with the adult things. Combine your imagination with sex for getting the extraordinary feeling that lasts for the entire life.

Sex and rest, rest and sex
Repeat sex and rest for the entire night. Try out new positions every time. Although women have the tendency to have multiple orgasms, men too can ejaculate multiple times in one night. All you need is to prepare yourself for the full night sex session. Try having sex until you are tired and stop trying to sex. With the help of all-night sex session, you can gain two amazing things. You can build up more and more for amazing orgasms and also you can have an extra energy for the next time you have sex.

Share these ways with your lady love and both of you can feel what it is like to wake up at 2 in the morning wanting more sex until morning. However, morning sex after all night long sex is even better.