8 Moves to Jazz up Your Sex Life like a Pro

Dress Up and Illuminate!
A night of boring sex might be the worse you can ever imagine. But, that is not the reason to settle into a lame routine in bed, especially when there are so many ways to get your desired fancy sex session. To spice up your sex life, we are sharing some of the naughtiest moves that will make your “us time” not less than an adventure. These easy and quirky moves surely will take you out from the “same old routine”.
1.    The Concubine
Added Intimacy
This move is best for intimacy and a hot favorite amongst the young couple. All you need is to take her in a heap of soft cushions at the foot of the bed so that she can rest on her back against you. Now you need to get ahead with a kneeling position on the floor facing her. Because of the cushions, she can wrap her legs around your lower back as you rise up on your keens to penetrate her V-zone. The move should be slow, as it will give you a sensual thrust. This is to keep you both in place and on the edge of enjoyment. You can tighten your hold on her waist in accord with your rhythm so that she does not slip around on the cushions. This position allows you to indulge in romance along with sex by giving lots of kisses to each other. Cuddling along with the act of penetration enhances the overall sexual pleasure.

2.    Lovers’ Traitor
If you want to woo your lady, then this will be the holy grail of your bedtime session. All you need is to place her back and lie at her side facing towards her. Then all you need is to take beyond both her legs and throw them over yours so that they angle over your hips. Follow these until you can slowly start entering her. For more pleasure, reach around and grab the side of her hips to pull her into you. You can even vary this move by slightly sideways angle and use the slow and thrusting moves. This position offers a fantastic access to stroke her intimately in different ways. You can also give her clitoral stimulation with the hands along with penetration. Try this move to make her keep coming back for more.  

3.    The Monkey
If you both are looking for out of the box adventure, then you must try this. For this adventurous budge, lie on your back and bend your knees into your chest. Then make her sit gently back on to your erection, facing away from you. Till the erection, she can rest her arm slightly behind her and you have to help her putting hands in one place. You should ideally be supporting her to bend elbows. For more stability, add pressure with your knee into her upper back. This position is extremely adventurous and is not recommended if you fear that you can break some bone. You must have strong pelvic and lower back muscles along with good arm strength. Lastly, you need to thrust gentle, slow and sensuous.

4.    Waterfall
This move is also known as head rush which is beneficial to supply blood to your head for enhanced pleasure. For this, all you need is to lie down on the floor with your head and shoulders and have her move towards the edges of the bed. As she straddles on you, the blood will rush to your head, creating a mind-blowing and sensational experience as you climax. For more tricks to make your orgasms even more amazing, you can ask her to press her pelvic muscles towards your penis.

5.    Gift wrapped
The position is also called “the horny mantis”. It is good if you are looking for deeper penetration and increased intimacy with relaxing position. For this position, all you need is to lie on your sides facing one another. As she bends and spreads her legs and angles her vagina towards your penis. All you need is to lift your legs between her and enter her while she wraps her legs around your back. If you are looking to heat it up even more, then you just need to cuddle her, kiss her for getting deeper thrust. Now you can her legs and feet to pull you close for increasing thrusts for deeper penetration.

6.    The Facesitter
This is also known as hovering dragonfly. It offers a very comfortable position for the woman and becomes erotic when you start moving. The simple move needs a pillow that you need to put behind her head then start straddling her shoulders towards you. Start supporting yourself by holding the bed’s headboard or the wall.

7.    The Fusion
If you want to get a leg up, then this is the best position for you. This offers quicker orgasms for her and easy motions for you. Spiders probably inspire this move as she can lift her legs onto your shoulders which enhance the muscular tension between the couple. You can rekindle the feeling by raising her butts off the bed until it is easier for her to thrust and grind in circles. If you are looking for lube, it is recommendable to use natural lubricants which you can find out from any men’s health store.

8.    The Snow Angel
For making the snow angel, you need to raise your bottom upwards your lady love. The move can be a bit challenging. It stats as she lies on her back while you straddle her facing away. She lifts her legs and wraps them around your back to lift her abdominal muscles so that you can enter her. Then she grabs your butts to help you slide up and back. With this you can do a little massage action on your back portion in order to get you the grip and the rhythm.

Bottom Line
No matter what you think of, talk to your partner before commencing it. Make sure you both are physically and mentally ready to indulge in these spicy and mind-blowing sex positions.