5 Steamy Sex Positions That Will Spice Up Your Routine

Shouldn't sex be spontaneous, wild and exhilarating like it is in the romantic movies? Not always! The bitter truth is, after a while, sex gets boring, especially when you have been married for quite some time or maybe when you're in a long-term relationship and you aren't comfortable with your partners. Never mind, we all are guilty of sticking to our old and reliable sex positions, especially the missionary one! It may be because we are beyond-exhausted, short on time or simply lazy. In such scenarios, it is always easy to fall back on a handful of tested-and-tried moves. However, the smart ones keep looking for many delicious varieties to please their partners.
Whether you are looking forward to a rushed quickie or a slow and romantic night of passion, there is an ideal sex position for every occasion and purpose. Read on to know more about top 5 sex positions that will blow his/her mind.

The Ballerina—When You are Running Late for a Dinner!
You got out of office late and now you're running late for a dinner with your acquaintances and friends, but you still have time for a quickie! If the sight of your partner in the little black dress is turning you on, just pull him or her into the hallway and try the 'Ballet Dancer' position with her. Just lift up one of her legs and wrap it around you. You can throw it over your shoulder if she is super-flexible. Enter her from the front while standing. Take your turns being in charge of the thrusting so you can get to the climax pretty quickly.
Alternatively, you can stand and face away and enter her from behind. It will be hard for you to get in this position if you are of different heights. What is the solution? Ask the shorty to wear sexy high heels—definitely a turn or for those who have a foot fetish. It will help you relax before a long and boring dinner.

The Seated Scissors—When You are Alone in the Kitchen!
When you are home alone and want to use the kitchen for something other than cooking, now is your chance to try a different and unique position. Bend your partner flat over the countertop. Alternatively, you can bend her sideways. Lift one of her legs and keep it on your waist or shoulder. You can either stand or kneel between her legs and enter her forcefully. While she controls the angle and the depth, you can control the pace of your lovemaking. After all, sex is not just about love but also teamwork, isn't it?

Give Her Oral on Her Birthday!
Since it is her birthday, she has every right to get oral pleasure if she wants to. Ask her to sit on a comfortable couch or a plush chair and you can kneel between her legs to manually stimulate her lower lips by applying pressure on her pelvic bone and give her an earth-shattering orgasm. Alternatively, she can recline in the classic cunnilingus pose where you lie down on your belly with your head between her legs. Maintain a steady eye contact with your partner while licking her down. The good thing is you get a pleasant view of her bottom. The downside is that your neck may not like it after a while, but her expressions would be worth all the pain.

Surprise Him with a little Cuddle and a Lick on His Birthday!
All the ladies must try this! Cradle your man's penis with both your hands so that your thumb touches the frenulum (a part where the head of the penis meets the shaft on the underside). Give him a gentle massage using both of your thumbs.
Grasp his tool and move your hand up and off the head. Grab his penis at the base and slowly slide your hand up again. Repeat the action, as if you're milking a cow. Don't hesitate to tickle and fondle the balls but make sure that you don't squeeze it hard unless you are explicitly asked to do that.
You can play with his tool as long as you want. Just remember that you do not have to limit the handjob to his crotch. Bring in other body parts, such as nipples, tongue, chest, abdomen, and mouth. If your partner loves spending time in the kitchen, you can surprise him with this technique while he is chopping veggies or doing the dishes.

Spoon When You are Feeling Lazy
Regardless of what people say, spoon-style sex is definitely doable. You can still be wild and sexy, even when you are feeling a little bit lazy. Having sex when you wake up in the morning or when you are about to pass out on the bed is blissful on the weekdays when you are too tired to try something else.
All you need to do is just get into your favorite snuggling position with your partner as the 'adorable little spoon' and enter her from behind. You can lie on your side, lean back a little with your legs apart while your love interest lies in front, backing onto your penis (or dildo, in case you and your partner are two hot girls making wild love).
Snuggling up with your partners on a lazy afternoon gets a whole lot sexier when you are free to move your hands across his/her torso, from her/his shoulders and breasts to her/his cute belly button and clitoris. Your partner's body is totally exposed to you for grabbing. Feel free to caress her/his erogenous zones till you both reach the climax and sleep tight!
These were some of the hottest and the wildest sex positions that you must try with your partners. It does not matter if you are a rookie trying your hands at sex for the first time or a couple in love, looking forward to a special Valentine's night, these positions guarantee a long and memorable night full of passion. Good Luck!