5 Major Signs that Your Girlfriend is Cheating On You

Remember when you were a lovesick teenager who believed that true love doesn’t just exist in fables and fairy tales? You thought it was an invincible force, impervious, unaffected by the evils outside and capable of warding off all the negativity. Then, one fine day you find out that your ‘devoted’ girlfriend is not so loyal after all. Two years into a relationship with you, she slept with your cousin at a friend’s cocktail party and the bubble of your happiness burst, never to be restored again. It is sad but true! We hate to destroy your innocent fantasies, but women do cheat…
One cannot deny the possibility that the odds of your wife or girlfriend cheating on you have increased in the last couple of years, thanks to the plethora of dating websites and social networks. In a 2011 survey conducted by the Indiana University, around 19% women admitted to cheating on their partners.

According to relationship expert Mr. Charles J. Orlando and psychotherapist Ms. Lisa Brateman, women cheat when they are taken for granted. The best way to prevent infidelity is to understand and eliminate the factors that lead to cheating in the first place. Relationship experts feel that when boyfriends keep their efforts high throughout the relationship, rather than just investing time and efforts into the courting period, their partners are less likely to cheat on them. The fact stays true in the case of women, as well.

Thankfully, adultery does not occur without some sort of warning. You are lucky if your partner is loyal. However, in some cases, men choose to remain fools in love, unless the wool finally wears away before their eyes. One thing is for sure that infidelity raises a red flag: you just need to understand the warning signs. Notice your partner’s activities. If she seems out of sync for the last couple of days, there are odds that she may be cheating on you.

Remember, the keyword here is ‘may.’ She might not be actually cheating on you. But if you can relate your situation to the signs mentioned in the next couple of paragraphs, you might as well confront her in a calm way. Do not go about accusing her, for no rhyme or reason. The idea is to stay in a good place and listen to her without judgment, should you want your relationship to survive.
For now, just look out for the following warning signs—

1) Your Partner has Started Using her Phone More Often

In the light of the current digital age, we all are guilty of being overly engrossed in the virtual world that we avoid spending quality time with our friends and family. However, social media negatively influences your relationship when you inevitably spend more than half of your day glaring at your partner, while she carelessly flicks through different social networks and replies to frequent texts sent by her ‘just’ Facebook friends.
Wait! Don’t be too quick to judge. The best advice would be to wait and monitor her actions. If she keeps on talking to her so-called friends often and is more concerned about her Twitter and Instagram followers, it reflects her lack of investment in your relationship. If this continues for long, then it is not just a fleeting mood swing. Your relationship is begging some attention!

2) Your Girl Goes M.I.A. For Several Hours Without Any Information

So, you do not live with your partner but you both share an unbreakable bond of love and trust. Cute! What if she disappears for several hours in a day? What if it has occurred several times a week? When you decided to confront her, she had blamed her busy schedule, daily chores and lack of sleep for her disappearance, and you actually believed her reasons. Well, what can we say, love is actually blind.
We hate to break it to you, but you need to stop accepting the silly excuses and start seeking valid answers from her. The weekends used to be just yours. You guys never made any plans outside, as it was obvious that you would be spending time together. Things seem to change for the worst now. Your woman seems to have something important come up each week and your weekend dates are out of question nowadays.
If your personal time is slowly dwindling away and the love of your life is no longer romantic, it shows her waning interest in your relationship. The chances are she has transferred her affections elsewhere. If not, then this may happen sooner or later.
While we do support the idea of independent women, but the new-found interest in shopping, partying and makeover mean she is all set to put herself out there again.

3) Your Girlfriend is Avoiding Intimacy or Relationship Talks

Every couple has a fixed sex routine. Some do it a couple of times a week, others do it may be every night. You are lucky if you are in for a long night daily! The problem occurs when your usual norm changes, all of a sudden. You find yourself at the receiving end of a new excuse every night. Sometimes, you are really suspicious if she is saying the truth. After all, how can she be tired or uninterested every night?
If your sex life is going downhill and your girlfriend or wife is disinterested in humping you, we are sorry to say, but she might be getting it elsewhere. We don’t say you should draw wild conclusions, but it is a time that you discuss this with her.

4) She Gets Defensive Whenever You Question Her

A liar understands the risks of getting caught and tries avoiding long conversations wherein people pester them for more details. As people embrace the falsehood, they are at a greater risk of exposing themselves as a liar. It is good that you have decided to confront your love and have a face-to-face discussion on relationship problems. When you calmly explain to her that something feels off and she gets aggressive or defensive, it may be because she is actually hiding something.
When people are in a true relationship, it is natural to discuss problems and situations that make them uncomfortable. But, if your partner has been clearly avoiding it, you must not stay in an unhealthy relationship like this. However, if your partner is honest and she has a valid reason for her lack of interest, you should stop seeking constant reassurance, even after you’ve been reassured. This would adversely affect your relationship.

5) Your Woman is Suddenly Conscious about Her Appearance

Cheaters are concerned about their physical appearance. Your woman has suddenly started taking her flabs seriously. Her posture changes, her wardrobe features new outfits and she has started applying makeup every day. All of it seems natural if she has got a new job. But, then if she was a girl who used to wear sweats to the mall and hit the dance floor without makeup, her unexpected transformation seems too fishy!
So, these were some telltale signs of a cheating girlfriend. It isn’t necessary that your girl is cheating on you, even when the signs feel true. Nonetheless, it is recommended that you stay cautious. Start noticing her activities, question her when you feel something is off and have a direct talk. This way, you can avoid a possible heartache!