13 Ways to Improve your Orgasm Naturally

Experience the Truth Within

Having an orgasm, whether alone or with a partner, makes your body and mind a good world. According to the sex therapist, blowing the body has a lot of health benefits. It can not only reduce the risk of prostate cancer but can also improve your mood, soothe you and keep your overall health under control.
The experts explained, "Even though orgasm and ejaculation are two separate things, for men, they usually occur at the same time. Ejaculation orgasms are extremely beneficial to men: they act as stressful means and can even improve your partner's orgasm.” It continues like, "After orgasm, men can sleep more easily because it helps them keep things alright by lowering blood pressure and improving overall health”.
Regular orgasms of ejaculation also help your body prevent the accumulation of certain chemicals as they get to the path to healthy semen. Recent medical studies have shown that male orgasm of ejaculation increases testosterone levels and also releases endorphins that can increase your mood and help you feel better. So if you need more encouragement to go down more often, the experts have revealed the best tips to help you make their orgasms even more amazing.

1.    Take Good Use of Lubes
Using good lubricant is a fantastic way to improve your sexual feelings and thus your ability to achieve orgasm. Oil-based lubricants provide a smooth and long-lasting feeling that will allow you to reach a peak that is comfortable and intensely pleasing.

2.    Find a Toy for You
Coconut rings are an excellent way to prolong ejaculation and increase sexual feelings. This is because they reduce the flow of blood into the penis (in a convenient way), which leads to a heavier and better erection. Button rings are just one of the many sex toys that will enhance the orgasm for men, so take a look at Jo Divine Sex Toys for Men to discover other useful toys.

3.    Prostate Massage
The prostate, also known as P-Spot, is essentially a male “G-spot” and offers intense orgasmic assistance during stimulation. Prostatic orgasms are also beneficial to men's health because they help eliminate bacteria and old cells in the prostate. Star with prostate masseuse for beginners with modest size and strong vibrations.

4.   “Me Time”
Masturbation is a key when it comes to being content with our sex organs and our sexual sensitivity. If you fight to make these feelings on your own, you probably have a partner with a study to show that men who once fought for orgasm at sex in a missionary position were much more likely to do so after trying over a little love yourself. Then with the mirror, examine yourself, it will make it easy for you to give your partner the right advice."

5.    Sensational “Jeopardy”
According to a research, the orgasm in men will be improved by 18 percent after coming in vaginal contact, while 9 percent of men are stimulated by hands and oral sex. Every man is different so the improvement is also different. So, all you need is to find out what works the best for your orgasm improvement.

6.    Open your Mouth
"The biggest murderer in the bedroom is the lack of communication. Do not assume that your partner is an ink reader instinctively knowing exactly which of your buttons to print. Be straight and tell them exactly what you want to do."

7.    One night Prick
A recent survey found that men only had a 32 percent chance of speaking with a partner they had never had sex before. And this figure jumped to 51 percent if they slept with a partner with whom they had a confidential relationship in the past up to six times. One night is also better for improved orgasm.

8.    Concentrate
Some people have sex in the name of 'wicked'. It happens when we fall the moment you sleep and instead think negative thoughts like big lights in this position?  Or start worrying about the stress of jobs and deadlines. Try to live in the moment and focus on here and now. And if you really cannot concentrate because you have more urgent things at hand, delay the sexual intercourse until the head is clean.

9.    Fit in the Right position
Most men require penis stimulation in sexual intercourse to orgasm, and that contact does not occur in all sexual positions. Try a lot of different positions to find one that works for you.

10.    Age is Good Here
Men actually experience better orgasms with age when compared to women. As for the findings, 61 percent of men aged 18 to 24 say they had the orgasm in last sex, while 65 percent of men between 30 to 70 reported the same. Besides that older men are more sexually experienced, so it's better to know the activities, reactions and entertainment points of your body. "

11.    Jazz up With Workout
Doing a Kegel exercise to strengthen the pelvic floor and lead to stronger vaginal muscles, leading to a more intense and regular orgasm." An easy way to stimulate pelvic floor, as it emphasizes the importance of staying healthy to ensure that blood flows into the genitals. Stop smoking, eat well, stretch and engage in cardiovascular exercise that strengthens heart muscles such as running, swimming or cycling.

12.    Breathe Good
By changing your intake slow and deep breathing short and shallow, it can actually increase sexual arousal and orgasm to improve your chances for good sex. Breathing heavily can also increase blood circulation which is better for improved orgasm during sex.

13.    Control Liquor Intake
While one drink can make it more adventurous, it really does not improve sex. Ethanol in alcohol has been shown to reduce organ sensitivity and excitement while reducing stimulation in men, which clearly prevents orgasms.

Bottom Line
The bottom line is to get the best orgasm whenever you indulge in sex. Right from using sex toys to preventing alcohol all you need is to live a life which leads you towards better sexual pleasure. Discuss your likes and dislikes with your partner in order to improve your sexual life along with a healthy companionship.