10 ways to guarantee all-night sex

Facing problems lasting all night long? Worry no more.
While doctors saying that home remedies and pills might not always help the case, there are still things you can do to ensure you give your best, always. It can only get better with practice, and being anxious about it is not going to make things any better.

What you can do, however, is try the following things and let the results speak for themselves:

1) Get your squeeze to squeeze
Using condoms helps make the penis less sensitive but to be sure of results you might want to try other more promising things. One way that has proved out to be really effective is by firmly squeezing your penis using one of your fingers and thumb just below the glans right when you think you are about to have a climax. This can be done as often as required and can the one doing it can be you or your partner. What you need to explain to her though, is that this requires practice and with the passage of time you shall have the control that is required to hold yourself back.

2) More intense orgasms
As you progress towards lasting longer in terms of climaxing, you are going to need to put some extra effort for the sake of having more intense orgasms. This can be achieved by holding back on ejaculations. To get a memorable, all-over your body sensation, you would need to let the tension escalate to the point where you can no longer hold on and have the final blasting orgasm that leaves you in ecstasy. In order to do this, what you would need to do is practice exercising the muscles at the base of your penis. These are the very same muscles that you need to squeeze in order to stop urinating. For a workout down there, squeeze these muscles in and out for around 15 times initially, per day. Take it to 75 times a day and you’ll see the results for yourself. It can be done anywhere, as long as it done in a subtle manner.

3) Breathe easy
You would need to concentrate on your breathing. There is a technique called the “puffing” technique, which is performed by letting out huffs of breaths while having sex till the point you can feel your diaphragm contracting. Why this needs to be done is in order to build tension around the abdomen which will eventually lead to a better, more intense orgasm.

4) Cold as ice
Another method that is sure to intensify your orgasm is one where you wrap some ice in a cloth and apply to your testicles right before making love. You would also want to avoid having ice cold water after you’re done.

5) Don’t limit yourself
It is known for some men to perform better after having climaxed once, due to decreased sensitivity down there. Even though this means you would have to wait a while to get excited again, the second time is going to be better for sure. Being less sensitive would mean being able to last longer.

6) Trying new stuff
The best way for both partners to be at the peak of their excitements is by keeping it new and interesting. Ask them about their wildest fantasies, likes, and desires. Try your own and make their wet dreams come true. The awkwardness and unfamiliarity of new things make you last longer as new positions and sensations are sure to keep you distracted and ready for more.

7) Exercises
Exercises like Kegels, pilates, and yoga are meant for strengthening the pelvic muscles and making them capable of holding back on orgasm and taking more time in ejaculation. Just make sure to read and get to know all that you need to about how these workouts are performed and then simply begin with them and try to be regular for best results. Also, in case you experience any sort of pain while performing any of these exercises, it is advised that you immediately stop and get medical attention.

8) Masturbating in advance
Having an ejaculation one or two hours prior to having sex is going to delay the time you usually take to reach climax. You can masturbate or jerk off beforehand in order to let the quicker orgasm get over. Indulging in some good old foreplay is also a good idea as it will keep you initially sated and help hold back on your orgasms. It will also help you keep in sync with your partner and work up your way to one together.

9) On the edge
There is a technique called edging where you simply pull out when you feel yourself getting closer and then go at it again and repeat this several times until you finally let out an intense orgasm. Not only will this delay your orgasm, this will also make you spend more time on pleasing your partner, hence ensuring they can reach an intense climax along with you.

10) Perpendicular positions
Another way to avoid the sensitive areas of the penis (right around the head where most nerves are located) is to have your partner ride you while on top or lying sideways by gliding back and forth across the shaft of your penis. In this way, you do not directly enter her, and it keeps you from getting too excited and reaching a quick orgasm. Instead, in this way you take your time, even max out the pleasure and help you work your way into a delayed orgasm.
So now you know how you can last all night long!

Now that you know, help spread the word. Try these techniques mentioned above and see what works for you. In case you need to, don’t hesitate to see a doctor or take medication like enhancement pills such as Invigo, which guarantee not only that you last longer, but also help cure other ailments like erectile dysfunction and help increase penis size.
Again, not everything is going to work out for everybody, so you may want to keep experimenting until you find the right method for yourself.